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Kassidy Practices In Swimming Pool


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(May 27, 2014, Montclair, CA)  Roughly 99.99% of fathers of nine-year-old girls never hear the words, “daddy, I want to race a boat.”  Montclair, California’s Andy Jones is one of the .01% - okay, more than likely .00001% - of the fathers who have heard that and he is going to do something about it.  He and his twin brother Casey are going to help Andy’s daughter, Kassidy, realize her dreams and she will take her first laps in a boat in the APBA sanctioned event north of Sacramento at Lake Minden this weekend.”

While Andy Jones did not expect his daughter to say it, it absolutely was no shocker to him when she did.  After all, she has spent more than half of her life growing up at Perris Auto Speedway where her dad and his brother, the Amsoil Oil Twins, have been track sponsors for years.  However, the racing seed was firmly planted a few years ago when she saw a popular Disney movie.

“She was always into racing and she was growing up when the movie “Cars” came out,” Jones said.  “She has driven my golf cart and has driven at K1. I am not worried about it and my wife Ali is fine with it, too.  At this point, she will probably not be in a race.  She will just be out getting some time on the water. She should get enough time on the water.  Each day she will to get in three laps or so.  Two sessions that should be around 10-monutes each.  If by chance there is enough boats that show up eligible for a junior class (9-16-years-old), she may end up in a heat race.  We are hoping to have enough boats for sure for a junior class later in the summer at Long Beach.”

9-year-old Kassidy Jones of Montclair modeling the safety equipment she will be wearing when she hits the water for the first time at Lake Minden this weekend.

The schooling in the boat has already begun.  A couple of weeks ago they took Kassidy to a pool and put here in the boat with her safety gear on so she could get a feel of what it will be like rather than throw everything new at her at once at Lake Minden. 

“We wanted her to understand what it feels like with her safety gear on, what it feels like to be in the cockpit, where to sit in the boat and where the throttle is,” Jones said.  “So, we got her in the boat in the pool at a friend’s house and got her acquainted.”

The boat racing dream came to light at last month’s National Street Rod Association Western Regionals in Bakersfield.  The brothers were there to set up and display their Amsoil products.  The home schooled 4th grader told her dad about her desire to race there while they were setting up for the show.

“She wanted to ask her uncle right away and I explained to her that she had to wait for the right time,” Jones stated.  “At the end of setup she asked her uncle if she could sit in the boat and while sitting in it she asked him if she could race it.  Sometimes kids say things and you do not know if they mean it or not.   She meant it so here we go.”

After getting the go ahead from her uncle, Andy gave his daughter a quick lesson in motorsports marketing.  If she wanted to race the boat, she was going to have to raise some sponsorship money to pay some of the expenses.  What happened next, really caught her dad by surprise.  Casey’s boat was the centerpiece of the Amsoil booth and for the next two days, Kassidy would ask passerby’s if they would like to sponsor her. A drawing she made of her racing the boat the night before was inspiration for the sponsorship cards she sold.

“She stood by the boat for two days straight and talked to people about helping her out with some sponsorship,” Jones smiled.  “She had 36 people get involved and her sponsorships ranged from $5.00 to $20.00.  She raised enough money to pay for her entry fees at Minden and purchase some of the safety gear she needs. That took real courage for a little girl“

The sponsorship proposal card Kassidy Jones designed to present to potential sponsors.

Kassidy Ready for Racing!
When Kassidy takes her first laps it will be in the same Miss Amsoil #72c Class “A” Stock Hydro that her Uncle Casey recently drove to victory at the Blue Water Casino in Parker, Arizona.  While she will be getting here first laps in J Stock Hydro at Lake Minden, Uncle Casey will be skippering it as well in A Stock Hydro as he seeks his second straight win.

Now even though she wants to try boat racing, Kassidy still has other interests as well.  In addition to boat racing, she focuses on her studies, loves riding horses, is active with the youth group at her church and loves spending time with the family. 

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