Friday, September 13, 2013

Oil Twins Racer Featured on Local News

Oil Twins racer Casey Jones was featured on CBS 10 in San Diego to promote the H1 Unlimited race at Bayfair. The segment kicked off the festivities with a featured shot of Miss Amsoil.

"It was an unexpected surprise when I answered a knock on the trailer door this morning to find an official asking for a driver for the morning news", said Casey with a grin. "Being at Bayfair is all about the fans and what better way to connect with them then TV".

Casey is racing in the A Stock Hydro class. Come on out and say hi.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


(September 11, 2013, Montclair, CA)  The famous Amsoil Oil Twins of Montclair, California, are set for a great weekend of boat racing at the APBA sanctioned San Diego Bayfair on Mission Bay starting on Friday.  Casey Jones will be driving “Miss AMSOIL”, an APBA A Stock Hydroplane (ASH). 

Jones took his maiden boat racing voyage last month at Long Beach Marine Stadium.  He and his team will trek to San Diego Thursday afternoon and will take to the water first thing Friday morning. 

“Our first race is Heat #1 & Final AX Hydroplane Friday at 8:30 AM,” the rookie driver said.  “We are going to race two different classes for the three days.  The ASH (A Stock Hydro) class and the AXH class which is more of a Junior Class with a restrictor plate.  Each day there will be a first and a final heat per class.  There are eight boats coming that we know of in the A Stock Hydro and probably about four boats in the AX class.”

 Casey Jones in action last month at Long Beach Marine Stadium.

Jones and crew chief Andy Jones have worked hard at resolving the glitches they encountered during their initial outing at Long Beach.  They have labored countless hours on the attractive boat and have had it out for a test run where it performed flawlessly. 

“We know there were some electrical issues and also some fuel delivery concerns,” Jones lamented.  “We went through the motor on the fuel side and the ignition side and didn’t have an issue with these things when we went out and tested over Labor Day Weekend.  We were dialing in the set up and we were making sure the reliability is there.” 

Jones main focus for San Diego is getting in laps and finishing races.  When he did so at Long Beach he did well including a second place heat race finish.  “My goal is not to be towed back in and I think we are going to accomplish that,” he confidently stated. 

In addition to his own racing, Jones is excited about the prospects of all of the other Oil Twins sponsored boats that will be in competition.   

“Doing a quick count, there will actually be five boats out there that are part of the Amsoil/Oil Twins family,” Jones stated.  “I would be pleased if they swept the podium (ASH Class) this weekend.  With five of the eight showing up being Oil Twins sponsored, that is quite possible.  That is what my bigger goal is.”  

Jones wants to thank all of those who make his racing endeavor possible.   

“Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my wife Ava, my brother & crew chief Andy Jones, AMSOIL -, Lifeline Race Gear, Jennings Racing, Doidge Racing, Knufamily Racing, Chino Signs Plus, Perris Auto Speedway and SeaTow.  Without their help, this would not be possible,” he said. 

San Diego Bayfair is a fun weekend full of great boat racing, including the APBA Unlimited Hydroplanes, live music, a Free Style Moto X exhibition, a craft beer fest, a kid’s zone and much more.  For more information or to order tickets, please visit the following website: 

Miss AMSOIL’s race schedule for Bayfair

Friday, September 13, 2013
0730 - 0800 Testing Stock Hydro's – Ski Beach
0830 – 0900 Heat #1 & Final AX Hydroplane -Ski Beach
1245 – 1315 Heat #1 A Stock Hydroplane – Ski Beach
1600 – 1700 Final A Stock Hydroplane - Ski Beach 

Saturday, September 14, 2013
0730 – 0800 Heat # 1 & Final AX Hydroplane – Ski Beach
1210 – 1300 Heat # 1 A Stock Hydroplane - Ski Beach 
1510 – 1550 Finals A Stock Hydroplane – Ski Beach

Sunday, September 15, 2013

0800 – 0830 Heat # 1 & Final AX Hydroplane – Ski Beach
1100 – 11:40 Heat # 1 A Stock Hydroplane - Ski Beach
1310 – 1330 Final A Stock Hydroplane - Ski Beach

For more information or to order quality Amsoil Products from the Montclair, California based Oil Twins, please visit their website at or give them a call at 888-OIL-TWINS.

Be a part of Miss AMSOIL and Oil Twins Racing. To promote your product or business and be exposed to tens of thousands of potential customers at race events, car shows, and expositions, please contact Casey Jones at 909-821-5551 or Sponsorship packages are available at all levels.

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

PASSCAR Cancelled, Boats To Be Featured 08/31/13

Perris Auto Speedway Promoter just announced tonight’s PASSCAR show is cancelled to make room for Class A Stock Hydro racing. Casey Jones from the Oil Twins is very excited about the opportunity to race boats at the historic venue. “When we... brought the idea to Don we never thought he would agree to it let alone cancel a popular race to make room for us. It will be a great feeling to pilot Miss AMSOIL there!”, said Casey.

The third leg of the LoanMart Challenge Series will take place on September 21st when the Amsoil PASSCAR Series returns to Perris Auto Speedway.
Official Release:

Due to a massive thunderstorm yesterday afternoon that dropped over 2 to 3 inches of rain tonight's Amsoil PASSCAR Event has been cancelled. The third leg of the LoanMart Challenge Series will take place on September 21st when the Amsoil PASSCAR Series returns to Perris Auto Speedway. All of us at Perris Auto Speedway are disappointed that Mother Nature wiped out this weekends event. We wish everyone a happy and safe Labor Day weekend. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013



For Further Information, contact the Oil Twins:  1-888-Oil-Twins


(August 28, 2013, Montclair, CA)  Earlier this month, Montclair, California’s Casey Jones, one half of the Amsoil Oil Twins, made his boat racing debut at Long Beach Marine Stadium.  Since then, the affable driver has had time to sit back and reflect with Scott Daloisio on that first, exciting outing and what he expects at his next race in San Diego coming up in September.

S.D.: First race ever in a boat a few weeks ago.  How did you go about getting yourself prepared for that race having never done it before?

C.J.: In my opinion, racing is 90% mental.  So, I listened to the people around me.  Going into it, I envisioned practices.  I would picture me going into the corner and what I needed to do.  Look for flags and look for people.  I just kind of ran through the racecourse in my head just trying to prepare myself for the actual race.  That was just preparing myself.  Then there was the boat.  We got out there on Friday, got it all together and found out I could do some testing.  So I was scrambling trying to get the boat all together and then get it inspected by APBA inspectors.  It had to meet specifications to get passed.  It passed and we got everything together and got it out there and did about six laps before we had to put it away when they had to close the course for the day.  That was the first time Miss Amsoil hit the water and the first time I had ever been in it.  Everything ran great in practice.

Casey Jones in action at Long Beach Marine Stadium.

S.D.: You prepared yourself mentally and you prepared the boat.  How would you, being a new guy, describe the water conditions and how were the more seasoned veterans describing them?

C.J.: To me, the water conditions were fine.  I did not have any problems with Miss Amsoil getting loose in the straightaway or swapping back and forth.  Other people said it is a tough venue.  Your wakes come back and reverberate.  They bounce off the side and come back at you.    You have to deal with that chop that is coming.  With the hull that Ernie Dawe built me and with the setup of the boat, to me the boat performed great. 

S.D.: The course was 7/8 of a mile long, correct?

C.J.: It is a long course for a small boat, about a mile.

S.D.: Looking at video, it seemed like the straights were long and the turns were extremely tight.  Did that provide any problem for you?

C.J.: It was on my mind!  In the heat race where I placed second, I intended on being on the outside on the start.  As a rookie you have to start on the outside in the back until you are cleared for full competition.  But, when the boats came around I ended up on the inside lane.  This was on Sunday, in the first heat of the day in the ASH class.

S.D.: On the inside of how many other boats?

C.J.: I was on the inside and I had about six boats out there somewhere besides me and I ended up hitting turn one first.  So I had to back off the gas so I could dig the boat in and make the turn because I did not want to be that rookie who missed the turn and wiped out half the field.

S.D.: Since you are talking about the start, the starts are not like in a stock car race where you come down side by side to the green flag.  It is more of a timed thing just to get to the line, correct?

C.J.: Yeah, you kind of get out there and warm up the boat and you have to watch for the white flag.  When the flagman puts out the white flag, that starts the one minute timer.  This is where experience comes in.  You need know your boat and where you need to be at when it is time.  You line up in turn three and turn four and you want to be wide open going down the straightaway.  The ultimate goal is to be at top speed when you hit the starting line and it is at 0 seconds on the clock.  That is what your goal is.

S.D.:  How did that work out for you?

C.J.: That is a learning curve.  In that race, it worked out all right.  I was in the back, but I had enough power in Miss Amsoil to catch these guys.  The boat was not a problem.  Well, there were some issues with electronics, but the boat handled very well.   It was very fast for me.  I bumbled around trying to figure out who I should follow going to the clock and engage where I should be at.  Two times when I slowed down enough waiting for the pack to show up, the motor stalled out.  That is why I had some DNF’s.  That was Saturday.  Come Sunday morning we had the ASH races.  I got out there and was toodling around and was cutting the course waiting for the other boats to come around and the motor died.

S.D.: How frustrating was that having to miss races when you were on the course?

C.J.: I call it focusing in on my driver development.  I don’t want to be that guy who throws his helmet on the beach and kicks his boat. God wants to teach me humility and learn how to handle these situations, I take it with a grain of salt.  It is frustrating sitting out there and everyone is doing circles and there is nothing they can do about you.  I lost two entire races because they went back to back and I did not get to race at all in that class that day.  That is why I took fifth.

S.D.: How were your finishes?

C.J.: The best finish I had was Sunday in the heat race (2nd).  I only had two other ones.  There was actually 14 boats that raced the ASH class.  The top four out of each heat went directly to the main and they only took two out of the last chance race.  I got 300 points in my heat race and that actually carried me over enough (even though he missed the other two races) where I placed ninth overall out of 14.  Racing is woulda, coulda, shoulda and that is fine, but we could have been seriously competitive if the motor had not had the electronic problems. 

S.D.: The electronic problems had to be so frustrating.  How are you going about preventing them at the next race?

C.J.: My crew chief Andy Jones (Casey’s twin brother) and I are focusing on getting the motor reliable.  We figured out what is what is wrong with it.  It was electronic related and we are getting that fixed.  The focus is not on how fast we can go.  The focus is on starting and finishing races and learning clock management (hitting the start finish line at the right time).  Everything else is going to come in time.

Crew chief Andy Jones, left, and his twin brother and the driver Casey on the right.

S.D.: In addition to racing, you also sponsor some other boat racers, correct?

C.J.: The AMSOIL – Oil Twins had four drivers in the top 10 in the ASH class. One driver took a podium in the ASH class and two drivers took a podium in the AXH class.

S.D.: Was this the first foray in boat racing sponsorship for the Oil Twins?

C.J.: No, we have been involved with them over the last three races.  We just went to the races, but didn’t have a race boat. We are pretty proud of the racers we sponsor. I had some guy - a nice guy - tell me I can’t run my oil the way I am running it.  He is telling you have got to run more oil and this and that.  Listen, I am running AMSOIL and I do not need to run more oil. 

S.D.: Your next race is at San Diego in September.  What do you want to accomplish down there?

C.J.: Basically the reliability of the motor, keeping it running for three laps.  That is the main focus right now.  We want to track down the exact cause of the electrical failure and correct it.  We do not want to throw a bunch of stuff at it and assume that it is fixed.  We want to know for sure that we fixed it.  I have taken the steps necessary to get the tools and the equipment in to diagnosis that motor and go through it.  That is going to happen.  We are looking forward to finishing races.  That is the goal at San Diego.  To finish the race.

S.D.: Most important thing of all.  Did you have a good time?

C.J.: We had a great time.  I was talking to a guy today and I said, ’put things in perspective.  You are sitting in the middle of a race course and your boat is not running, but hey, you are sitting in the middle of a race course.’  Everyone else is on the sidelines, but you are there racing.  I had to be towed in three times, but I was racing.  By the way, thanks to my buddies from SeaTow for bringing me in.  They are one of my AMSOIL customers.  There is a SeaTow in Lake Havasu and there is one in Huntington

S.D.: Time to thank the people who helped you.

C.J.: Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my wife  Ava, AMSOIL -, Lifeline Race Gear, Jennings Racing, David and Dan Doidge, Knufamily Racing, Chino Signs Plus, Perris Auto Speedway and SeaTow.  Also have to thank my brother Andy and Steven “Bam Bam” Fangmeyer. They were in the pits getting things ready and getting things prepped.  Andy has already been all over this electrical problem with this motor.  He has done research and he is an animal on this thing.  I think Andy is more into it than I am.  He is amped about this thing and I am amped to see him so excited about it.  His support makes it a lot easier. 

For more information or to order quality Amsoil Products from the Montclair, California based Oil Twins, please visit their website at or give them a call at 888-OIL-TWINS.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013


For Further Information, contact the Oil Twins:  1-888-Oil-Twins
(August 1, 2013, Montclair, CA)  Montclair, California’s Casey Jones is set to make his boat racing debut this Saturday and Sunday, August 3rd and 4th, in the 13th running of the Southern California Speedboat Club Long Beach Sprint Nationals at the Marine Stadium in Long Beach.

Born in Southern California, Powerboat racing has been a staple at the Marine Stadium course since the 1930’s.  This weekend’s event is one of five on the SCSC season, but because of its prestige, it draws racers from around the nation.  Being that, Jones will have some experienced racers to deal with.  

Jones’ boat, a brand new craft powered by a 15 HP Johnson 2-stroke, that was built by Ernie Dawe and finished by David & Dan Doidge and Knufamily Racing, has never hit the water before. Even so, the confident rookie racer has high expectations for the American Power Boat Association sanctioned event.

“I am going there to win it,” he said over the phone on Thursday.  “I am not showing up to lose, but I do have a lot to learn.  Being that it is my first race, I will have to start in the back so officials can watch me and see how I do.  I have a great boat, a great team and Amsoil, so I do expect to finish in the top five.  I definitely have the equipment to be on the podium.” 

Jones will be racing his APBA Stock Hydro in two classes this weekend. 

“The stock hydro class should have 13 or 14 boats,” he explained.  “It is an entry level class with some seasoned racers, too.  I will also be in the AXH class which is a Junior class and I will have to run a restrictor plate in that division.”

Jones and his twin brother Andy, the proprietors of the Oil Twins, a long established Amsoil distributorship, are using the races to expose racers and fans of the boat racing circuit to their quality Amsoil products.

“We want to take our success from promoting the Amsoil products at Perris Auto Speedway to boating,” Jones said.  “We are planning on expanding our market through this boat.  It is basically to demonstrate quality of the Amsoil products and extend the Oil Twins name into the boating world.” 

The new racing endeavor is sponsored by Amsoil,, Lifeline Race Gear, Chino Signs Plus and Perris Auto Speedway.

Tickets to watch Casey Jones and the other competitors at 7/8 of a mile Marine Stadium course are $15.00 adults and $5.00 for children.  In addition to the races, concessions, a beer garden, souvenirs and vintage engines will all be a part of the racing weekend.

Directions to Marine Stadium: 405 N to 22 West, from 605 go South from either way, exit 7th St. to Studebaker Road. Turn Left, go to Westminster Blvd. make right. Take Westminster Blvd. to Appian Way (over the bridge) veer right to get on to Appian Way. At the fork go left, cross over the bridge and make right into pits. Physical address is 5255 Paoli Way.

For more information or to order quality Amsoil Products from the Montclair, California based Oil Twins, please visit their website at or give them a call at 888-OIL-TWINS.
This piece was produced by Scott Daloisio Sports: (909) 226-7768,

Sunday, March 24, 2013

65th Hot Rod Magazine Homecoming 2012


 Oil Twins Casey & Andy Jones were among the distinguish vendors who attended this  special event. The who's who of magazine for the last 65 years were on display. "It is the most versatile collection of vehicles I have seen on display." said Andy Jones. "There is everything from backyard builds to  professional built one offs. The most significant display for me is the Don Blair 1974 Championship CRA Sprint Car. To see a real hot rod the the cover of the June 1975 issue was educational to say the least."

The final day is still underway. Stop by the AMSOIL booth located in building 4.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project Samurai - Lot Has Changed

For immediate release. February 28, 2013

Among the numerous upgrades performed over the off season the AMSOIL Corporate paint scheme stands out the most.  The Kumho Tires Suzuki Samurai is ready to debut as the Official Pace Car for opening night of the AMSOIL PASSCAR Series this Saturday night.

Many long days and nights were spent getting it to this point. More to come in future posts.