Saturday, September 26, 2009

RVIA California RV Show Going Green - Visit the "Oil Twins" in Booth 408

AMSOIL products reduce waste by lasting 4 times longer than most motor oils. Vehicles have been shown to produce less emissions and fuel economy increases. Since the introduction of the world’s first synthetic motor oil AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have been setting new standards for motor oil quality. They are specially designed to protect engine components, reduce emissions, last longer, reduce fuel consumption and prevent environmental pollution.

AMSOIL INC. has been dedicated to helping reduce negative impacts on the environment. AMSOIL was the first to recommend 25,000-mile/one-year drain intervals. By safely extending drain intervals, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants dramatically cut the amount of oil consumed and emissions produced. In addition to the extended drain intervals, AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are specially designed to protect engine components, extending the life of the engine and reducing the need for replacing engine parts. They are also thermally stable with a strong resistance to high temperature volatility (burn-off), preventing sludge deposits and keeping engines clean. Low volatility and clean operation reduce oil consumption and emissions.

The advanced lubricity (slipperiness) of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants has also been proven to increase fuel economy. This reduces fuel consumption.

For more information on AMSOIL call 888-OIL-TWINs or visit or their display in booth 408 in the tent.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Oil Twins" Host AMSOIL Booth at California RVIA Show, Pomona Fairplex, CA

Come see the "Oil Twins" out at the RVIA Show at the Fairplex.

Dear RVing Friends:

Do you know about DOLLAR DAYS at the 57th Annual California RV Show? Admission is only $1 Monday through Thursday October 19th-22nd. No coupon needed. Bring your friends and family. The show is open 10am to 6pm daily. Come on over to Fairplex in Pomona and have a fun day looking at all the new 2010 trailers and motorhomes, plus you don't want to miss the incredible deals on a few remaining 2009 models.

For our friends who attend the show Friday through Sunday, you can save money with $2 off discount coupons available on our web site at

We use our RV to take our grand daughter, Emma, camping in Big Bear. It’s been a great way for her to spend quality time with us and there are plenty of things to do together. Her childhood memories of campfires, watching for bears on the trail and fishing with Grandpa are forever. That’s one of the best things about an RV – they allow families and friends to have fun and create special memories.

See you at the Fairplex October 16th-25th!
Marsha McInnis
Western Show Director

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Oil Twins" Assist Racers at TORC in Perris, CA

Montclair, Ca - The "Oil Twins" Casey and Andy Jones will be out at the TRAXXAS TORC Series Presented by AMSOIL this weekend held at the Perris Auto Speedway. They will be working the AMSOIL booth and providing technical assistance to racers in the pits.

"We enjoy being in the pits helping teams solve lubricant related failures.”, said Casey Jones one of the “Oil Twins”. “More often or not racers just accept failures and do not consider the role their lubricant may have played in the breakdown. One of the most common breakdown is the rear differential.”

To address this, AMSOIL has a proprietary extreme pressure additive which forms an iron-sulfide barrier coating on gear surfaces for the ultimate line of defense against wear, pitting and scoring. I can not tell you how many times I have heard racers running the Sever Gear ® 250 with success regardless of the oil sponsor on the hood.”

The “Oil Twins” will be available this weekend to help solve problems. To make an appointment to have the “Oil Twins” assist your team and get you into the winner’s circle, call 888-OIL-TWINs or visit