Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oil Twins - AMSOIL Suzuki Samurai Epic Trek Upgrade- Update 4


For Further Information, contact the Oil Twins:  1-888-Oil-Twins

(May 22, 2014, Montclair, CA)  Lots has happened since the last blog post. 

We purchased a 170 Amp MIG/Flux Wire Welder (Chicago Electric Welding - Item#68885) from Harbor Freight. About the best $200 I have spent. Only draw back is there is only 4 temperature settings and it requires 220VAC which had to be wired up in the garage. We chose to purchase the 0.035" flux wire from Home Depot to get a better grade of flux wire then HF offers. 

When the parts showed up the front axle was gusseted. Then both axles perches and shock mounts were laid out and tacked. After clarification from TT, we were welding!

After the dust settled the front axle was reassembled and the front springs were hung. Then the front axle was mounted to the new Rear "Bonz-Eye" Samurai 2" SPOA Lift Springs

-The passenger side front axle perch needs to be trimmed inside and opened up to accommodate the slope from the third member.

-The shock mounts on both axles are identical in the new kits. The instructions shows the old style shock mounts which had two different styles.

-The 4° perch angle is to correct the caster of the axle and the are tipped forward which will lower the pinon.

-We used a smart phone app called GPS Status on a Droid Razor Maxx to check the angle and level of the perches before they were welded. The app is extremely accurate for pitch and roll.

-AMSOIL Synthetic Fifth-Wheel Grease was used to assemble the suspension instead of anti-seize compound. The grease is extremely tacky, wear disposable gloves and have whop towels handy!

-The bushings for the rear mount on the front springs were very challenging to press in without a press. A little trimming helped squeeze them in.

Front Axle Side Brace Tacked

Front Axle Gusset

Passenger (Right Side) Perch Tacked 4° Tilted Forward 

Right Side Perch and Shock Mount Tacked

Front Axle Prior to Paint (Back Side)

Front Axle Prior to Paint (Front Side)

Front Axle After to Paint (Back Side)

Front Axle After to Paint (Front Side)

Missing Link Brackets, Springs and Front Axle Mounted

For more information or to order quality Trail Tough Products from the Medford, Oregon based company, please visit their website at or give them a call at 1-877-SUZUKIS (877-789-8547).

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