Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oil Twins - AMSOIL Suzuki Samurai Epic Trek Upgrade- Update 3


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(May 14, 2014, Montclair, CA)  On Day 3 the focus was the rear axle housing. We had two housings to choose from. Both were graded on how much deviation the axle had from being true, the condition of third member bolt holes and overall condition. This was an important step because the current axle housing was damaged from an aftermarket traction bar that had failed on a previous trip.  

This failure ripped the bolts for the third member out of the the axle housing damaging the threads. This was causing them to lose the ability to retain their proper torque. They were constantly getting loose from daily driving. Based on the experience, we only recommend traction bars as an absolute last resort. Deal with the core issues of improper perch height and weaken springs.

The "EPIC TREK" SPOA Suzuki Samurai Suspension was specifically designed to work with out a traction bar and is excellent for Samurai's with stock motors and beyond. I know Brent's own 2.3L Samurai runs it.

Anyway, we decided to use the axle obtained from Craigslist since hit had less issues than the one off the truck. The Axle was cleaned and  wire brushed prior to a light coat of paint before the TT Axle Housing Gusset was tacked into place and the E-Brake cable mount relocated.

More to follow on Day 4..........

Rear Axle Cleaned and Ready for the Gusset to be Tacked.
Rear Axle After the Gusset was Installed.

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