Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oil Twins - AMSOIL Suzuki Samurai Epic Trek Upgrade- Update 5


For Further Information, contact the Oil Twins:  1-888-Oil-Twins

(June 11, 2014, Montclair, CA)  

The build continued with completion of the front end, Several modifications were needed to finish this half.
1. The steering arm provided that mounts to the right knuckle needed to be ground to accommodate the larger brake calipers from the four door Sidekick used as our engine donor.
Bracket Modified to Fit Sidekick Caliper.
2. The brake lines needed to be limited from contacting the Kumho M/T tires. A rubber tie down from Harbor Freight was the perfect solution. It mounted nicely to the retainers provided. Once the retainers were repositioned on the brake line, the strap was attached with to the frame.
Custom Brake Line Straps Note: Shocks are now mounted on frame.
3. The aftermarket front bumper mounts between the frame. The missing link uses the same holes as it does, the bumper tabs has to be narrowed a half inch. This was achieved with a torch, hammer and a pipe wrench. Thanks to Eric Juengling for the help.

Front Axle Completed
Once the tires were mounted and hit the ground toe was set at 1/4" in and the stock front drive shaft was attached with provided spacers and bolts. Note: this solution is adequate, but we highly recommend to plan on upgrading your drive shafts. Stay tuned for more on this in future posts.

With the front completed we moved on to the rear. See you in Update 6!

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