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(May 19, 2011, Montclair, CA) Four different drivers will be flying the colors of the Oil Twins Amsoil Racing Team at this Saturday's PASSCAR race at Southern California's Perris Auto Speedway. The husband, wife and son team of Ronnie, Jake and Dalton Everhart will be battling each other and the rest of the field for supremacy in the Oil Twins Amsoil Street Stocks and Stephanie Herbage will be flying the Oil Twins flag in the Pick-A-Part Factory Stocks. Saturday will be PASSCAR Fan Appreciation Night and the first 100 fans will be admitted free. Spectator gates will open at 5:00 PM and the first race will be at 5:30.

The Everhart name has been synonymous with Perris Auto Speedway for the past nine seasons. Ronnie (short for Rhonda) began the family legacy in 2003 when she not only won the track championship for the Sport Compacts at The PAS, but also the combined championship between The PAS and Orange Show Speedway. To prove those championships were not flukes, she brought the Perris title home again in 2004.

Soon after winning her second crown, Everhart moved up to battle in the Street Stocks with her husband Jake and two years ago they were joined by their then 15-year-old son Dalton. Heading into Saturday's race at The PAS, they rank second, third and fourth in the Oil Twins Amsoil Street Stock championship standings and they are separated by a mere 16-points.

The Everhart clan comes to the racetrack as a family, but once the green flag drops, it is every driver for them self. "Out on the track we are focused on our own agenda and that is winning the race and doing the best we can," Ronnie said. "Once in a while the family thing comes into play. I have seen my son get into a situation and I can't help it, but I react as a mother would react. We try to keep our personal feelings out of it, but you know racing, it is a pretty passionate sport."

Two years ago, Ronnie blew more engines than any driver at the track. It was her worst season to date and that was due to the engine failures. However, the family team picked up a sponsorship from the Oil Twins and began using Amsoil. Since then, her luck has turned around 180 degrees. "The key to victory is good equipment, staying out of trouble, consistency on the track and well maintained cars," she said. "Amsoil helps us in maintaining the cars. Two years ago we lost a lot of engines. Then we signed with Amsoil and our engine situation improved drastically. It has helped our performance on the track and prevented us from all of the blown engines."

In addition to the Everhart clan, the Oil Twins logo will fly proudly on the #33 American Factory Stock of Moreno Valley's Stephanie Herbage on Saturday night. When the 2011 season opened on April 18th, Herbage raised a lot of eyebrows when she led every lap of the main event for her first ever win. Coming into this week's race, the Riverside Community College student sits third in the championship point standings only six points out of second and only 23 behind the leader.

In addition to sponsoring the drivers mentioned above, the Oil Twins are corporate sponsors at Perris Auto Speedway and the proud presenters of the Oil Twins Dominator Awards at every PASSCAR race. The driver who passes the most cars in the Street Stock main event will receive a $50.00 certificate for Amsoil products and the driver who does likewise in the Factory Stock main will receive a $25.00 certificate. Each of those drivers automatically qualify for the season ending Oil Twins Challenge on October 29th.

Highlights of the Oil Twins sponsored drivers in action on Saturday will be available from Raceway Video.

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